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Cybersecurity is crucial for organizations of all sizes and industries. Without an effective cyber security strategy, your business is at risk of malicious actors to exploit your systems and leave your organization vulnerable to cyber attacks.

At JMW Cyber, we focus on a cybersecurity strategy that reduces risk, empowers your organization cyber resilience and aligns with your business goals.

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Cybersecurity Advisory Services

JMW Cyber provides data driven, innovative and practical cybersecurity advisory services to help your organization manage and protect cyber attacks. Our advisory services include cybersecurity strategy, cybersecurity audits, vulnerability assessments, threats and risk assessments, penetration testing and secure code assessments. Safeguarding your systems and assets is how we succeed.

Compliance and Privacy Services

As technology is evolving, privacy laws and regulations are fast changing; affecting companies in all industries and sizes. JMW cyber provides assistance to companies to comply with laws, regulations, standards, and frameworks including privacy laws like PIPEDA, HIPAA, CCPA and GDPR and certifications such as ISO 27001.

Cybersecurity Ransomware

Ransomware protection includes solutions that help in preventing ransomware and also mitigate the effects of a successful attack. Since ransomware is most often spread through email attacks, many of our ransomware protection solutions focus on strengthening email defenses. JMW Cyber provides ransomware remediation and ransomware incident response services. 

Cybersecurity Training

JMW Cyber provides professional cybersecurity training to companies and individuals to advance their cybersecurity knowledge. The program is a customizable and interactive cyber security training program which provides a unique approach on engaging employees on security awareness education and helps individuals start careers in Cybersecurity.

Security is our number one priority, our mission is to keep your Business secure.

Complete Risk Assessment

Implementation Cybersecurity Policies

Access Control

Data  Encryption & Firewall Detection

Regular Updates & Backups

Incidence Response

Security Monitoring

Training Awareness

Our Approach

Our mission is to provide our clients with the security necessary to conduct business. Our security solutions are built to detect the threats that others ignore.

Find and stop cyber attacks!

Protect your assets, eliminate exposure to cyber threats enhance your security defense, educate and train your employees with our world class cyber security services.



We start by identifying the various systems, assets, data and frameworks that could be vulnerable to cyber attacks. We continually monitor and review the risk environment to detect any changes in the organization, and maintain an effective risk management process.


Detection and Protection

This involves implementing appropriate procedures that are able to detect cyber security events as soon as they occur. Our protection approach involves developing safeguards to limit the effects of possible cybersecurity events.


Respond and Recovery

Our Incidence response team collects and analyzes all evidence to determine root causes and implements rapid systems and service recovery. We ensure documentation of all activities, including investigation, discovery and recovery.


Training awareness

Creating a cybersecurity culture and building a cyber-aware workforce is a key factor to effectively manage cyber risks across every organization. With cyber security education and awareness training we nurture your people to embrace attitudes and beliefs that drive secure behaviors.

Cyber threat Surveillance

Online privacy and digital surveillance. Preventing threats and ensuring seamless digital protection.

Investigation & response

Identification, collection and examination of cyber security threats. Quick Detection and response.

24/7 surveillance & investigation

An effective cybersecurity strategy begins with real-time visibility. There’s high importance in being prepared for breaches. Finding security gaps, prioritizing program strategies, and setting-up organizations for success is what we do best at JMW Cyber.

Organizations are exposed to cyber attacks 24 x7. This is why it’s important to implement around-the-clock monitoring to detect and block any intrusions.

 Organizational culture, human behavior, and technical controls are three assessments that underline the cyber security areas that require the most attention in your organization.  Discover what risks your organization needs to prioritize.

About Our company

JMW Cyber is a cyber security company that embodies professional forward thinking cyber security solutions. We offer unique solutions based on our clients needs and provide 24/7 cyber security surveillance and support. We put an end to IT threats that might impact your company’s productivity and growth.   We are a Top cyber security service provider .

What we protect

Security breaches can cost your organization millions. Protect your business with our reliable cyber security solutions. 

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