Cyber Security Training Canada

We empower and educate current and future cyber security practitioners.  Our program is designed to provide practical capabilities for organizations looking to train their staff or for individuals aspiring to join or advance their career in the lucrative cyber security field.

Cyber security course and certification Canada

Advanced training for security professionals

Get the cyber security training needed to provide unparalleled visibility and protection to all the security segments on your organization's network whether on premise, virtual or in clouds.

Awareness training for frontline workers

Evolve your organization's cyber security awareness by educating all employees on proper cyber security protocols and keeping your company's network safe.

Course and certification for cyber security career

Get the skills you need to increase your seniority in your current role and plan for career advancement or make the jump into the lucrative cyber security field.

Here are a list of courses we provide

Kick start your cyber security training in Canada. We provide specialized cyber security training in Calgary and Edmonton. Our courses are broadly aligned with ISACA's curriculum model. 

Best Cyber security course in Canada

Looking for cybersecurity training in Calgary and Edmonton? See what our happy customers think.

Our Happy Clients!

JMW Cybersecurity training provided me with a brilliant overview of security risk management and compliance. I had 12 weeks of a well constructive training. At the end of the training I was able to analyze and bring out possible solutions as far as cyber risk management and compliance are concerned.


Ray A.

The course is well structured, and the content is systematically organized. The instructor masters his subject matter. With years of professional practice in Cybersecurity roles, he draws examples from his work experiences in a way that makes theoretical knowledge come alive and grounds the students in their learning.


Oliver N

The team of experienced trainers with certifications from reputed North American institutes is what makes this program unique. You are not only taught cyber security but you are exposed to ongoing learning and development to grow your cybersecurity skills. The trainers use an approach where you can take transferable skills to make a career in information Technology. 

Esther N.

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We offer one of the best cyber security certification in Canada. We are a specialty cyber security training in Calgary and Edmonton.

Best cyber security course Canada

Location : Edmonton and Calgary

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