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Ransomware attacks are the most disruptive attacks that an organization can face. Cyber security criminals take advantage of the most vulnerable environments to threaten businesses for profitable gains.

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How to protect against Ransomware

Here are a number of best practices to protect your assets against ransomware

One of the best ways to protect your organization against ransomware is instilling a culture of vigilance with your employees. This can be attained by investing in security education and awareness training. 

Regularly updating your systems will protect against malware. It’s also important to use the latest security patches when performing such updates. Backing up your data offline to a storage that is not directly connected to your system is another way to safeguard against ransomware.

Cybercriminals use text, email and calls to collect personal information. It’s important to avoid  sharing any personal information any untrusted source.

Since most ransomware  are distributed through email, learning to prevent phishing is one of the best ways to prevent ransomware attacks. It’s important to avoid opening malicious emails or links.

Ransomware Response

You can count on JMW Cyber for any unexpected data breaches and ransomware attacks.

Our team of cybersecurity experts will guide you through the process when your organization is under attack and data beaches happen. We provide fast and effective response for any ransomware attacks to help minimize damages associated to the attack.

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